This Cookbook Stand Will Help You Follow All Your Favorite Cozy Fall Recipes

Getty Images | vgajic
Getty Images | vgajic
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My mom's cookbooks are marked with splatters of batter, crinkled, dog-eared pages (a sign of a really good treat), and as corny as it sounds, a whole lot of love. I think that's why when I follow a recipe — I prefer a paper copy.

But glancing back and forth at my cookbook, which coincidentally takes up my entire counter, makes cooking up a cozy, comforting, multistep fall meal much more difficult. My frustration grows even more when I'm road-testing a recipe from a new book — you know, when the binding isn't quite broken in yet and the pages keep flipping back to the table of contents.

That's why the Bamboo Book Stand Cookbook Holder ($15) has officially made my fall shopping list. I was introduced to this kitchen tool when I was shopping for a birthday present for my friend. I had already added an air-fryer cookbook to my cart and needed a little extra something to complete the present. While browsing on Amazon's Interesting Finds, the cookbook holder, which has over 3,000 five-star reviews, popped up.

The 100-percent bamboo holder allows for your cookbook to stand upright, making it easier to continuously glance at recipe instructions. It also has an adjustable base, so you can decide how much you want your book angled. The front tray is wide and sturdy enough, so it cannot only hold all different types of books (yes, even textbooks) but even iPads or tablets, if you prefer following recipes from the Internet.

My favorite feature is the metal clips that anchor down your page, so you don't have to deal with flipping back and forth when the binding is fresh, or getting your pages messy with food.

Thankfully, it got my friend's stamp of approval, and now, I think it's time to treat myself — to the holder, of course, and a fancy fall feast, too.

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