TikTok Is Making Apple-Cider Mimosas a Thing, So Fall Brunches Just Got Cozier

Brunch-lovers, please direct your attention to TikTok's new favorite drink trend: apple-cider mimosas. Weeks before the first day of fall officially arrived, eager advocates of the cozy season started whipping up the autumnal drinks, which sub orange juice for either apple cider or regular apple juice. It may sound like an odd combination at first, but many TikTokkers have praised it as tasty indeed. While some recipe variations incorporate extra boozy ingredients like salted-caramel vodka, the general how-to for making apple-cider mimosas is as follows:

  • Dip the rim of your glass in caramel, then coat the caramel in sugar (or cinnamon sugar!).
  • Pour in Prosecco and apple cider or apple juice, using the ratio of your choice.
  • Garnish with an apple slice or two and enjoy.

Not quite sold on the bubbly beverage yet? Check out the videos ahead to see how it comes together, and you'll most certainly feel inclined to hop on the apple-cider mimosa bandwagon while preparing your next at-home brunch.