Banana Bread Coffee Is a Thing, and It's the Best Thing Since Sliced (Banana) Bread

POPSUGAR Photography | Kalea Martin
POPSUGAR Photography | Kalea Martin

Put down your oven mitts and grab a mug, because banana bread bliss is only one brew away. If you spent all of quarantine baking and eating your way through so many banana bread recipes that it's now become your ultimate comfort food, I'm about to put you onto your new favorite coffee. The banana nut bread-flavored coffee from Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters is a must-try for anyone who loves banana bread as much as they love coffee.

Don't get me wrong, I love freshly baked banana bread, but between waiting for my bananas to become perfectly over-ripened and mentally preparing myself to not eat the whole loaf as soon as I take it out of the oven, it's a lot of work. And making this coffee happens to be a lot easier — even easier than the #BananaLatte TikToks that require caramelizing or blending together bananas, oat milk, peanut butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, and vanilla all before adding it into your coffee.

What Does It Taste Like?

As someone who intentionally avoids eating the light yellow starbursts, I'll admit I was worried this coffee might share that same artificial banana flavor, especially when I opened the bag and it smelled like straight-up banana. Thankfully, the essence of the whole baked good is there, not just the fruit, and unlike the Starbucks secret menu Bananas Foster Frappuccino, the richness of the coffee isn't lost underneath a heavy banana flavor. Basically, if a loaf of your best banana bread and a bag of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans had a baby, the result would be this. I don't know how the Berres Brothers achieved such a delightful balance but I'm so glad they did.

Where Can You Get It?

Berres Brothers Coffee is available at select Walmart and Sam's Club locations, but your best bet is to grab some directly through their website, especially if the TikTokers in your area decide to clear the shelves at your local store. Berres Brothers is known for their dessert-flavored coffees, so anytime you're craving Chrissy Teigen's chocolate chip banana bread recipe, I highly recommend mixing their banana nut bread flavor with their chocolate chip cookie flavor. They also have flavors like crème brûlée and streusel cake too, if you ever get tired of banana bread (unlikely, I know). Ten bucks gets you 10 ounces of either drip, coarse, espresso, or whole bean, so whether you want to drink this coffee as a cold brew or a macchiato, you can really go bananas!

POPSUGAR Photography | Kalea Martin