30 Black Chefs and Foodies You Should Follow on Instagram ASAP

If you're always scrolling through Instagram and saving different recipes to try, chances are you follow some major food and chef accounts. The digital food space is overflowing with exceptional talent, and we've rounded up a list of Black chefs and food bloggers who are constantly wheeling out top cake tier content including recipes, restaurant recommendations, live cooking demos, and so much more!

Some faces might look familiar to you, like Erica Barrett, who pitched her brand, Southern Culture Foods, on Shark Tank, or ReShawn Wilder, who made the top 80 on Master Chef season 10. Others have gone on to publish their own cookbooks, make guest appearances on Good Morning America, cook for former presidents, and the list goes on. Get your taste buds ready, and keep reading for 30 Black chefs and food bloggers you absolutely need to follow!


Jocelyn Delk Adams (@grandbabycakes)

From caramel chocolate chip cookies to hummingbird cake and everything in between, every single one of Jocelyn's recipes is a delicious hit! Her cooking has been featured on Today, Good Morning America, and the Food Network, to name a few.

Follow Jocelyn on Instagram: @grandbabycakes


Millie Peartree (@chefmilliepeartree)

If you're looking to make some comfort food, we highly suggest following chef Millie. She's been named a NY Times Critic's Pick, has been featured in the NY Times's 50 Best Recipes, and has also made appearances on Good Morning America.

Follow Millie on Instagram: @chefmilliepeartree


Jae (@thejuicewithjae)

As the creator of Greedy in the City, Jae invites women to come together to bond over food and heartfelt conversations. She plans brunches, culinary trips, and food tours throughout Philly.

Follow Jae on Instagram: @thejuicewithjae


Jessica Hylton Leckie (@jessicainthekitchen)

Jessica's profile is oozing with close-up food shots, and we can't get enough! Her e-book, It's That Easy, is a 147-page guide for those seeking to make a change to a meatless, plant-based lifestyle.

Follow Jessica on Instagram: @jessicainthekitchen


Kevin Curry (@fitmencook)

Kevin started his Instagram, FitMenCook, eight years ago while going through his own weight loss journey. His mission is to spread health and happiness to everyone in his food community by sharing healthy calorie-conscious recipes.

Follow Kevin on Instagram: @fitmencook


Dominek (@domnthecity)

Consider Dominek your trusty source for all-things food in NYC. Her blog, Dom N' The City, highlights Black-owned businesses and those from marginalized communities, plus an extended amount of easy and delicious recipes.

Follow Dominek on Instagram: @domnthecity


Quinn (@butterbeready)

While she may favor being behind the camera, Quinn is a self-taught home cook and was born to share her insider tips and tricks with the world. Her feed boasts irresistible dishes like cinnamon rolls, butternut squash soup, skillet lasagna, creamy beef pasta, and so much more!

Follow Quinn on Instagram: @butterbeready


Brandon Hayes (@nyc_cheatdayking)

If his handle doesn't give it away, Brandon is the king of cheat days. He loves fitness but also doesn't restrict himself from enjoying "cheat" meals every once in awhile like pizza and doughnuts.

Follow Brandon on Instagram: @nyc_cheatdayking


Kai Chase (@chefkaichase)

Celebrity chef Kai Chase has cooked for everyone from Kevin Hart to former President Barack Obama. All her posts include detailed descriptions on what you can find in her dishes and why she uses specific ingredients. Expand your food knowledge with Chef Kai Chase!

Follow Kai on Instagram: @chefkaichase


Anela Malik (@feedthemalik)

From bagels to pancakes to artisan sandwiches to chorizo and grits, Anela's feed is packed with food photos that are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. She also posts about Black-owned restaurants you can support in the DC, MD, and VA areas!

Follow Anela on Instagram: @feedthemalik


Scotty Scott (@cookdrankeat)

Make sure to follow Scotty for real-time updates as he offers live cooking demos for some of his most drool-worthy recipes like coconut shrimp tacos. It's like you're taking a private cooking class from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Follow Scotty on Instagram: @cookdrankeat


Yolanda Gampp (@yolanda_gampp)

Yolanda is a trained chef but chose to pursue her dreams of being a full-time cake decorator, and from the looks of it, she's killing it! There's no such thing as too big of an idea when it comes to Yolanda's decorating — I mean, have you seen this massive lasagna cake?!

Follow Yolanda on Instagram: @yolanda_gampp


Ashtin Berry (@thecollectress)

Ashtin's passion and love for the hospitality world truly shines throughout her work and what she exemplifies on social media. Educate yourself and learn how you can support small business and lift up POC from her page.

Follow Ashtin on Instagram: @thecollectress


Kristen Dior Abdus-Salaam (@atlantafoodguy)

If you've never visited Atlanta, you'll want to book a one-way ticket after taking a peak at Kristen's foodstagram. As a restaurant promoter and all-around food enthusiast, Kristen is always bringing his followers along on his food journeys.

Follow Kristen on Instagram: @atlantafoodguy


Shakera Jones (@blackgirlsdinetoo)

Shakera is a Spanish Wine Scholar Candidate and is constantly sharing her expertise and knowledge with her followers on social media. Now's your chance to learn anything and everything about wine!

Follow Shakera on Instagram: @blackgirlsdinetoo


Darius Williams (@dariuscooks)

With three cookbooks under his belt, Darius is basically a food king. Not to mention, his TikTok (@iamdariuscooks) includes several dishes with step-by-step directions so you can start cooking up his recipes right at home.

Follow Darius on Instagram: @dariuscooks


Marisa Moore (@marisamoore)

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, Marisa takes a different approach to her cooking and meal sharing, including a no judgment zone. She'll teach you how to balance a healthy lifestyle while still being able to indulge in a piece of carrot cake.

Follow Marisa on Instagram: @marisamoore


Shawanda (@eatdrinkfrolic)

As a food writer, creator, blogger, and communications and events specialist, there's pretty much nothing Shawanda can't do. Her foodstagram @eatdrinkfrolic will give you all the food recipes and recommendations you could want.

Follow Shawanda on Instagram: @eatdrinkfrolic


E Dubble (@chefedubble)

Chef E Dubble is triple threat: he's a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, runs a local food truck in LA, and offers cooking lessons through AirBnB Experiences. There's no doubt we could learn a lot from him.

Follow Chef E on Instagram: @chefedubble


Josh Moore (@josheatsphilly)

According to his bio, Josh has been "hungry since birth," and his awesome Philly food findings prove it! Each of his posts shoutout a business based in the City of Brotherly Love, along with menu recommendations and promotions.

Follow Josh on Instagram: @josheatsphilly


Brandi Bodega (@brandiwhatsgood)

A self-proclaimed NYC food enthusiast, Brandi is zipping around the city that never sleeps on a quest to try every food spot out there. Whether you're a NYC resident or looking to visit, take note of Brandi's recs!

Follow Brandi on Instagram: @brandiwhatsgood


Cornelia Poku (@blackgirlseatdc)

Cornelia covers all food reviews and recommendations in DC. She also explains how you can support small businesses, especially right now during COVID-19.

Follow Cornelia on Instagram: @blackgirlseatdc


Evi Aki (@evseats)

Broaden your palate with diverse dishes from Evi's Instagram and her cookbook Flavors of Africa. Evi blends her love of African food and recipes into her everyday life and encourages people to join her on this journey.

Follow Evi on Instagram: @evseats


ReShawn Wilder (@eyes_of_a_foodie)

Cheesecake lovers everywhere will love ReShawn's Instagram! The @eyes_of_a_foodie superstar whips up some of the most seriously decadent cheesecake recipes that will leave you speechless (and hungry).

Follow ReShawn on Instagram: @eyes_of_a_foodie


Tisha (@dishitwithtisha)

Tisha's passion for cooking and trying new food spots is deeply highlighted on her profile. Her blog also features easy ways to make similar recipes that you would find in restaurants.

Follow Tisha on Instagram: @dishitwithtisha


Erica Barrett (@iamericabarrett)

You may know chef Erica Barrett from Shark Tank or The Profit as the CEO of Southern Culture Foods. Her pancakes, cornbread, and fried chicken are sure to make your stomach grumble.

Follow Erica on Instagram: @iamericabarrett


Tiffany (@pursuitofdelights)

Gather food recommendations from Cincinnati and beyond from Tiffany's stunning Instagram. This food and travel blog is just what our feed needs!

Follow Tiffany on Instagram: @pursuitofdelights


Breanna Danielle (@plantbasedbree)

Who said going plant-based was hard? Breanna is the foodie genius behind @plantbasedbree where she shares delicious plant-based recipes as well as kitchen tutorials.

Follow Breanna on Instagram: @plantbasedbree


Erika (@blackgirlswhobrunch)

Attorney by week, brunch lover by weekend, Erika is a Houston-based food and lifestyle blogger. Her profile is sprinkled with restaurant reviews as well as ways to support Black bloggers.

Follow Erika on Instagram: @blackgirlswhobrunch


Datgirl (@letdatgirleat)

A Nola food blogger, Datgirl is continuously serving up recommendations and reviews on all-things New Orleans. Make sure to save some of her suggestions when planning your next visit!

Follow Datgirl on Instagram: @letdatgirleat