This Homemade Citrus Swirl Has a Twist For Adult Disney Fans Only: Alcohol

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis
POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Tangy orange juice is good on its own, but mix it with fluffy cream and a shot of tequila and oh my GOD, it's my new favorite dessert. You can recreate the magic of the beloved Disney treat with this amazing homemade citrus swirl recipe from Magical Recipes, which only requires three ingredients plus your choice of liquor.

Citrus Swirl can be found at the Sunshine Tree Terrace across from the Swirl Family Treehouse in Magic Kingdom. To make your own version of this sunshine-flavored goodness at home, you just need whipping cream, one can of frozen orange juice, and sugar. I also added two ounces of tequila, which made the flavors really pop (and, c'mon, boozy ice cream? It's such a refreshing treat!). Keep reading for more tips on making this boozy citrus swirl below.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Pour the whipping cream in a bowl.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Beat until fluffy peaks form.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Add in frozen orange juice.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Mix together.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Add sugar.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Add tequila or other alcohol as desired.

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis


POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Put in the freezer for one to two hours if you want it to be more like a cocktail. (You can also try blending this with ice for a slushie-type treat.)

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis
POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Freeze for 8-10 hours for a boozy ice cream. Pour it in a bowl and enjoy it in the warm sunshine outside!

POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis
POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis
POPSUGAR Photography | Sydni Ellis

Boozy Citrus Swirl

Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time2 hours
Yield4 glasses

Adapted Recipe From Magical Recipes


    • 1 12-ounce can frozen orange juice
    • 1/3 cup sugar
    • 1 and 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
    • A splash of tequila or other liquor (optional)


    1. Pour whipping cream into a bowl and mix with hand mixer until soft peaks form.

    2. Scoop in the frozen orange juice directly from the can.

    3. Use a spatula to gently mix together.

    4. Stir in sugar.

    5. Add your favorite liquor. I added about two ounces of tequila.

    6. Put in freezer for about 1-2 hours. (After about 1.5 hours, the mixture was creamy, somewhat solid, and perfect for eating with a spoon or drinking directly from the glass like a cocktail.

    7. Close your eyes, take a bite, and pretend you’re at the Magic Kingdom!


    This will freeze into a more ice cream-like consistency without alcohol.