Campfire Cones Are S'mores Without the Mess

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger
POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

I love s'mores. There's a reason the name is short for "some more," after all. But despite the dessert's deliciousness, I've never been a fan of sticky hands and clothes that smell like a campfire for days. That's where campfire cones come in. This delicious, s'mores-with-a-twist dessert can be made rain or shine right in your oven, no campfire required. Campfire cones are exactly what they sound like: s'mores ingredients neatly tucked into an ice cream cone. You can wrap them in aluminum foil and roast them over a backyard fire or in your oven. Beyond being low-mess, campfire cones are also easy to make for a crowd, and scorching the marshmallows is virtually impossible. Plus, keeping everything contained in a cone also means more ingredient possibilities!

To make standard campfire cones, you'll need ice cream cones, miniature marshmallows, tiny chocolate chips, graham crackers, and aluminum foil. Lay a square of aluminum foil on a baking sheet, and fill each cone with a combination of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and broken graham cracker pieces. You can stuff the cones pretty full, as the marshmallows will melt and shrink in the oven.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

Once they're full, wrap them up in the aluminum foil. Twist the foil at the top and leave a little air space for the marshmallows, otherwise the foil will be hard to remove.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger
POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger
POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

The best part of campfire cones is the ability to add ingredients that wouldn't normally fit in a standard s'more, so I highly recommend including your favorite candy as well. I used Reese's cups and M&M's, which melted really nicely.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

Once your cones are prepped, bake them in the oven at 400°F for five minutes.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

In practically no time, they'll turn into delicious, melty goodness.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

Then you can fill the tops of the cones with leftover chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

I switched to Hershey's for the decorative topping but found that mini chocolate chips work best for fitting the most chocolate in the cones. Just look at that melty center!

POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger
POPSUGAR Photography | Kaley Rohlinger

Decorate and enjoy!

Campfire Cones

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes

Original Recipe


    • Ice cream cones
    • Mini marshmallows
    • Mini chocolate chips
    • Graham crackers, broken into pieces
    • Additional toppings as desired: Hershey's chocolate bars, Reese's cups, candy bars, etc.


    1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.

    2. Fill the cones with a combination of chocolate chips, marshmallows, and graham cracker pieces.

    3. Wrap the cones in aluminum foil (see above), leaving space at the top of each cone. Place the wrapped cones on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for five minutes. You can also make these on a campfire by letting them bake in or over the coals for a few minutes.

    4. Remove from the oven and fill the tops of the cones with additional toppings. Serve and enjoy!