Bat Bites Are a Total Upgrade From Regular Orange Creme Halloween Oreos

Every time I'm at the grocery store, it's practically impossible for me to walk past the cookie aisle without stopping and picking up a package of Oreos. The classic Oreos are great, but it's mostly the novelty of the ever-changing flavors that gets me. Not a month goes by where I don't see a new limited edition cookie flavor on the shelf. Tiramisu, Cookie Dough, Smurf — I'm pretty sure my family has tried every single flavor, and yes, even the questionable ones. A favorite in our house has always been the seasonal Halloween Oreos that start appearing in the store as early as September. The characteristic orange creme sandwiched between two Halloween-patterned cookies — the designs of which change every year — make for the best Halloween treats (other than all those fun-size candy bars, of course).

This year though, we have a whole other Oreo-centric Halloween treat to look forward to — Bat Bites. This recipe from @halloween_stufff_ on TikTok consists of only four ingredients, because what more could you need than Oreos, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and frosting?

To make these chocolatey, bat-shaped treats, you'll start off with Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. This will be the face of the bat, so fully unwrap as many of them as you'd like. Maybe test one out to see if it tastes OK. Once you've confirmed that the Reese's Cups are, in fact, as tasty as they are every Halloween, you can prepare the Oreos, which will form the wings of the bat. TikTok user @halloween_stufff_ recommends Oreo THINS for best results. Remove the creme, and break the Oreos in half. Wherever you stand on the filling versus cookie debate, you'll still need to remove the creme from the Oreos for this recipe.

To assemble the bat, pipe or spread your store-bought or homemade frosting, on just the corners of two Oreo halves, and carefully affix each of them to the edges of a Reese's Cup. For the eyes, simply use the same frosting to make dots. This is much easier with a piping bag, if you have one. For an extra-spooky look, feel free to add edible googly eyes, which are available in the baking goods section of any craft store. Give the frosting a good 20 minutes to firm up, and the Bat Bites will be ready to enjoy! If these weren't shaped like bats, I know I'd probably be eating them year 'round.