7 Chrissy Teigen Super Bowl Recipes That'll Guarantee You a Big Win on Game Day

Nothing beats buffalo chicken sliders and cheesy tater tots on game day, and out of respect for one of the most talked about games of the year, it only seems right to plan the ultimate Super Bowl feast. The stakes are high, which means you need a top-notch spread, and what better way to guarantee happy bellies than with Super Bowl-inspired recipes from foodie extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen? From Chrissy's pigs in a blanket sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning to her savory baked "fried" pickles, you'll be the champion of the kitchen scoring touchdowns left and right. Plan your game day menu with the help of Chrissy's Super Bowl recipes ahead.

King's Hawaiian Mini Cubanos Sandwiches

If King's Hawaiian bread is involved, you know it's going to be a smash hit. Cuban sandwiches always include ham, cheese, and pickles, and while you can use any bread size you like, these mini Cubanos are the perfect game day finger food.

Get the recipe: King's Hawaiian mini Cubanos sandwiches

John's Chili & Frito Pie Bar

The number-one rule when crafting your Super Bowl menu is finding recipes that can be served around the clock, buffet style. John's chili can be made prior to kickoff, and with a bar of fixings, your guests can serve themselves whenever they want. Don't let food get in your way of missing a touchdown.

Get the recipe: John's chili & Frito pie bar

Spiced Honey Chicken Wings

It wouldn't be game day without wings. These Chinese five spice wings are baked instead of fried and will be ready-to-eat in three quick steps. Make sure to have napkins nearby, as these glazed wings are finger-licken' good!

Get the recipe: spiced honey chicken wings

Baked "Fried" Pickles With Chipotle Ranch

Thirty-minute recipes are key for a successful Super Bowl party. Pop these crispy babies in the oven right before halftime, and you'll have the snack table replenished by the start of the third quarter.

Get the recipe: baked "fried" pickles with chipotle ranch

Pizza Dip

Chrissy's pizza dip is basically pizza pie reimagined to fit your appetizer needs. It's so yummy you'll be dreaming about seconds as you slip into your postgame stretch pants.

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Cheesy Guacamole

It's probably safe to assume you'll have at least two dips on your Super Bowl food lineup (they're a game day staple!), and Chrissy's cheesy guacamole needs to be one of them. Paired with an ice-cold beer, you can't go wrong with this dip.

Get the recipe: cheesy guacamole

Everything Bagel Pigs in a Blanket

Dressed to impress, these everything bagel pigs in a blanket make it look like you spent all day in the kitchen, when really, they only take 10 minutes to prep and 20 to bake! Now that's a touchdown!

Get the recipe: everything bagel pigs in a blanket