Every Holiday Table Deserves a Charcuterwreath Centerpiece — Just Look How Beautiful They Are

Decorating for Christmas should engage all of your senses: the smell of sweet sugar cookies, the delightful sound of holiday music, the feel of prickly pine needles, and the dazzling beauty of holiday lights. But the most amazing sensation of all is the taste of yummy holiday treats. From gingerbread houses to hot-chocolate charcuterie boards, there are plenty of ways to enjoy edible decorations this time of year. But my new favorite trend? Charcuterwreaths!

Take meats, cheeses, candy canes, and all the Christmas cookies your heart desires and arrange them in a wreath shape on your charcuterie board, then add some greenery, and voila! A beautiful and tasty display that is perfect for Christmas Eve — or any time you're feeling extra festive, really. Once you've arranged your pretty display, post a picture of it on Instagram for all to admire (just because you can't have as many guests over this year doesn't mean they can't enjoy all your hard work). These are so fun, we're tempted to start shaping all of our food into wreaths, because why not? Keep reading to see some stunning charcuterwreaths for inspiration.