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Christmas Gnome Cake Design Inspiration | Pictures

Being Gnome For the Holidays Just Got a Little Sweeter Thanks to These Adorable Cakes

Break out the pipette tips! In the spirit of Christmas, people on Instagram are whipping up the most adorable Nordic gnome cakes to keep them company for the holidays, but they might be too cute to eat. Complete with carefully "knitted" (aka piped) sweaters, towering hats, and textured beards that hide their entire faces, these gnomes are so detailed that even Buddy the Elf would be impressed with the festive craftsmanship. Just look at that mini mushroom house!

In Nordic countries, gnomes are considered a symbol of good luck, making them the perfect creatures to spend the holidays with. Some have arms and legs or even entire families surrounding them, while others are as simple as a fondant nose stuck to an icing beard, but all of the handcrafted cakes have us feeling a little bit enchanted. So, if you'll be gnome for Christmas, check out these cute cakes ahead for some sweet holiday baking inspiration.

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