Disney Has a Churro Marshmallow Wand That's Dipped in Caramel and Covered in Churro Toffee

Some Disney treats just speak to us more than others, and one of those is this drool-worthy churro marshmallow wand. The "wand" consists of three marshmallows on a stick that are dipped in caramel, covered in white chocolate, and rolled in pieces of the popular churro toffee that debuted in 2018. Let me say that again: churro. toffee. Talk about needing a sweet tooth to eat this one! You can find this $5 dessert at bakeries and candy shops throughout the Disneyland parks and the Downtown Disney District, but with it quickly becoming one of the holiday's most popular snacks, a few parkgoers have said they've only been able to find it at Marceline's Confectionery. Keep scrolling to see more photos of the churro marshmallow wand in all its sugary glory.