44 Coffee Tattoos That Shamelessly Declare Your Caffeine Obsession

Coffee is the real MVP, am I right? It's there for us when we need it most, fueling that much-needed pep in our step every single morning (and maybe some afternoons). If you're truly a java fanatic, the most lasting way to profess your undying appreciation for the beverage's life-saving qualities is with a tattoo, of course. Whether you love a quick hit of espresso, a refreshing iced coffee, or a leisurely pot of brewed joe, there are so many ways to honor this beloved drink. You could get a small, minimalistic tattoo on your wrist or hand (better to show off while enjoying your brew of choice) or even do matching tattoos with a fellow caffeine devotee like Elliot Page and Mae Martin's recent coffee-mug tattoos.

Ahead, catch a glimpse at the chicest coffee tattoos from all over Instagram, and then scope out our favorite small-tattoo ideas if you're still craving more ink inspiration.