Disney World Has Frozen-Themed Hot Chocolate Cake Topped With a Marshmallowy Olaf

The Frozen 2 era is upon us, which means Walt Disney World is getting in on the fun with perfectly themed treats. One of the cutest ones we've spotted so far features our favorite talking snowman, Olaf, who is set atop a frozen hot chocolate cake. The colorful treat can be found at Magic Kingdom's Main Street Bakery for $7 and is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth (it's also gluten-free!). The cake is layered with chocolate panna cotta and marshmallow fluff, and the top is swirled with Fall-colored marshmallow fluff. Actual marshmallows make up Olaf's body, his head is a white chocolate piece, and his arms are chocolate twigs. We don't know about you, but once we get our hands on one of these, we're not going to . . . let it go.