Hershey's New Sugar Cookie Kisses Have Real (and Colorful) Cookie Crumbs Sprinkled In

Hershey's has managed to shrink down sugar cookies into bite-size candy. As part of its sweet holiday lineup, the brand just officially announced the arrival of Sugar Cookie Kisses! The release also comes shortly after Hershey's came out with strawberry-creme-filled Vampire Kisses for, of course, Halloween.

This festive flavor consists of white sugar-cookie-flavored creme with colorful cookie crumbs sprinkled throughout. Though they definitely seem tasty on their own, the Sugar Cookie Kisses also make for a nice addition or topping to other recipes you might be baking up this holiday season. Bags of the seasonal candy will be available nationwide starting in October for $3. See photos ahead.

Photos of Hershey's Sugar Cookie Kisses