People on TikTok Are Making Hot Cheetos Salad, and Well . . . What's Not to Like?

Another day, another food discovery on TikTok. To say that the platform has reignited my creativity in the kitchen is an understatement, and how could it not, considering recipes like the famed Hot Cheetos salad pop up on my For You page daily. After TikTok user @rxthism first shared her Hot Cheetos salad recipe on her page in late August, fellow Cheetos fans quickly followed suit, trying the recipe for themselves and declaring it quite the delicious snack.

And lucky for us, it's super simple to make. All you have to do is combine and toss the five ingredients — Flamin' Hot Cheetos, cilantro, cucumbers, lemon juice, and Tapatío hot sauce — in a bowl, and there you have your crunchy salad. Remember: the Tapatío is key; you can't use just any old hot sauce.

As a self-proclaimed aficionado, I really have yet to meet a Hot Cheetos recipe I didn't like, so I have high hopes for this easy one. See the tasty creations ahead, and excuse me while I go buy a new bag of Cheetos.