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How This Mom Sustains Keto

How This Mom Makes the Keto Lifestyle Sustainable — and Delicious

Mayra Wendolyne jokes that she's tried every diet known to man — but it wasn't until she embarked on the keto journey that she felt she could truly sustain the commitment. "Keto is not a quick fix," she said. "It's a long-term change I plan to stick to for the rest of my life."

The reason keto makes so much sense to this Laguna Beach mom? "I [am] able to enjoy foods I never thought I could have." Now, the self-taught home-cook-turned-food-blogger creates content on her Instagram and YouTube channel where she shares tips, advice, and tons of keto-friendly recipes. Keep reading to learn about some of her favorite meal-prep tips and hacks for maintaining the keto lifestyle.


Mayra is all about setting goals and maintaining a routine, which help her stay on track. No matter what she's doing throughout the day (filming, taking meetings, running errands, planning content), she always starts with spending time with her 11-year-old daughter, Nati. "She's pretty self-sufficient, but we'll always dedicate time to each other to get ready in the morning," Mayra said.

Mayra said she also loves writing down all her goals on her phone or in a notebook "so I can keep myself accountable." And scheduling in time for herself is also huge when sustaining a healthy lifestyle. "I love working out, whether that be outside or at home," she said. "I try to make time for myself by going on walks, coffee runs, and mani/pedi appointments."

Since she's on the go so much of the time, snacking is an integral part of her schedule. That's when Mayra reaches for yogurt-cultured :ratio Keto* Friendly Dairy Snacks, which contain 15g protein, 1g sugar, and 2g carbs. "Finding snacks that satisfy my cravings are a huge deal for me," she said. "I love how easy and convenient the :ratio keto-friendly snacks are. When I need a post-workout snack, or something to hold me over for the rest of the day, I choose these because they keep me nice and full, not to mention they taste so creamy and delicious."


When it comes to cooking (and creating) full-fledged meals, the first thing Mayra thinks about is simplicity. "Before making any recipe, I always make sure that they're simple," she said. "I think sometimes, keto can be seen as so much more complicated than it really is. It's a lot to think about, but keeping things simple will keep it sustainable."

Making a list of keto-friendly ingredients to stick to is also a major motivator when Mayra heads to the grocery store. "Maintenance can be really hard . . . and [this] has helped me stick to my goals." She's then able to make copycats of traditionally high-carb meals with those better-for-you ingredients. "Being able to make junk food or a cheat meal keto has saved me on those days where I’m craving something," she said.


For Mayra, simple and delicious is her mantra — so it's those one-pan meals that she said are a real staple in her home. "Meal prep has been a game changer for me, and making these one-pan meals that include protein and veggies helps me stay on track," she said. And let's not forget about the air fryer! "The air fryer has helped me a ton for quick meals — I love making crispy salmon in it," she said.

Thankfully, keto also allows Mayra to indulge her "huge sweet tooth." Her pro tip: throw a :ratio keto-friendly dairy snack in the freezer for 20 minutes, top with fresh berries, and you've got an after-dinner dessert. Delish!

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*Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves regular consumption of high fat foods.