Ask For a "Fruity Straw" the Next Time You Go to Dutch Bros (You Can Thank Us Later)

The next time you go to your local Dutch Bros, don't just ask for a drink alone. TikTok user @madisonamandda discovered a thing called "fruity straws," and yup, they wrap a legitimate fruit roll-up around your straw! The TikToker's order consisted of a peachy green tea with a "fruity straw" to top it off, and let's just say our mouths are salivating at the look of it. While many users who claimed to work at Dutch Bros commented saying, "I work at Dutch and I'm here to tell you that's not a thing" and "Yikes we don't do that," other commenters said, "I ordered this today and it was fantastic!" So I guess it's luck of the draw as to which Dutch Bros does it or not. If the idea of a "fruity straw" intrigues you, we say head to your local Dutch Bros and give it a try! The worst they can say is no, right?