Make a Puking Pumpkin Chips and Dip Display For an Easy (and Cheap) Party Snack

We like pumpkin-infused products as much as the next person, but what about using pumpkins as a vessel instead of a dominant flavor? An Instagram-worthy use for them that's sure to make any partygoer scream with excitement is the puking jack-o'-lantern.

It might sound a little gross, but it's actually just the right amount of spooky for any Halloween bash. Plus, it's easy and inexpensive to make. All you need is a pumpkin (any size will do, but a medium will work best), a carving tool, and your favorite chips and dip combo.

  • To make the jack-o'-lantern, start but cutting the top off and scraping out the "guts" on the inside. Then carve the face of your choice on the outside (just make sure you have a circular mouth in order to capture the puking effect). Place the finished product on a serving tray.
  • Next, add your dip. We recommend a guacamole (try this at-home Chipotle recipe) because, let's be honest, it'll look the most like puke. Place the dip a little bit inside the mouth of your newly cut pumpkin and then continue to pour it out in a long trail to make it appear as if your pumpkin is throwing it up.
  • Lastly, add some chips around the creepy but cute jack-o'-lantern display, and voila, you have a puking jack-o'-lantern that your friends won't be able to stop talking about (or taking pictures of)!