Prevent Unused Avocados From Turning Brown With This Genius Hack

Have you ever sliced into a perfectly ripe avocado but only needed to use part of it? If you're unsure how to save the unused portion without it going brown, you need to check out this genius fridge hack from TikTok user jaxfoodhax. All you need to do is fill a small reusable container with water, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (love her laugh while doing this!), and place the unused portion of the avocado (without the pit) green side down in the water. Refrigerate until you're ready to use, and that's it! No more finding sad, brown, mushy avocados in your fridge and wasting money when you can't use them all at once. Watch the hack above, then feel free to try this copycat recipe for Chipotle's guacamole!