Joanna Gaines Shares the Secret to Her Delicious Biscuit Recipe, and It's Such a Simple Hack

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Who has the best biscuit recipe, you ask? Well, Joanna Gaines's is certainly in a top spot! While we know the Fixer Upper star's husband, Chip, and their five kids are huge fans of her baking, the baking community (and even our own POPSUGAR editors) has tried Joanna's biscuits, and the verdict is clear: they're warm, fluffy, and delicious. And the secret to their irresistibly plump texture actually lies in the eggs!

"For six months I would sit in the kitchen and try to work out the perfect biscuit for our family, and every Saturday I would serve these biscuits to the kids and Chip and they would give me their feedback, and I remember about six months into it I wanted them to be a little richer so I added two eggs," Joanna said during a recent episode of her cooking show, Magnolia Table. "That was the day that all of the kids and Chip unanimously voted that this was going to be our biscuit recipe."

While we know no biscuit recipe can ever beat your own family one that's been passed down for years, Joanna's six-month-tested biscuits may just be a close second!

Magnolia Table