Lucky Charms Has a New Gold Coin Marshmallow For St. Patrick's Day, and It Looks Magically Delicious

If you've never outgrown your love of Lucky Charms (because, same), then we have great news: the popular cereal just announced the introduction of a new gold coin marshmallow! General Mills released the coin, which will be available in select limited-edition boxes of the popular cereal, in honor of Lucky the Leprechaun's birthday, which, naturally, falls on St. Patrick's Day.

To get your hands on the new gold coin marshmallow, pick up a green box of either Original Lucky Charms or Chocolate Lucky Charms through the end of March for $3. In addition to the new coin, both boxes will also feature the regular St. Patrick's Day-themed pots of gold and shamrock marshmallows. So, if picking out and eating only the marshmallows is your favorite pastime, you have one more mallow to add to that pile for a while.

General Mills