10 Food Trends That Will Be Big in 2018, According to Pinterest

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

For the fourth year in a row, Pinterest released Pinterest 100, a list of trends that will be big in the new year. The food world in 2018 will be all about redefined snacking, coffee with an unexpected twist, and plant-based "meat," and those who continue to scour Pinterest for the best recipe ideas will want to get in on all the buzz. Taking a look back at the best new snacks of 2017 gives just a glimpse into some of the trends that will spill over through 2018. Get ready for some major inspiration for this year, and check off the following 10 trendy ingredients and ideas from your cooking list. If you've swapped traditional butter for ghee, you're already on track.

Air-Fried Everything

Cooking things in an air fryer is going to become a popular trend in 2018. Air fryers use hot air instead of oil to "fry" what's inside in a much healthier way — even french fries!

Souping Over Juicing

Vegetable broth, bone broth, and pureed, veggie-packed soups are the new juices. Sipping these savory, nutrient-rich soups is a great way to detox if you're not a fan of sweeter juices — soup cleanses are on the rise, too. Even food stars like Ayesha Curry are into "souping" as a form of eating healthy lunches on the go.

Coffee With Superpower

To up the ante in their morning coffee, people are adding protein powders and superfoods like energy-boosting maca. Pinterest notes that saves for "healthy coffee" are up more than 200 percent.

Sweet Heat From Morocco

Cravings for Moroccan food are on the rise. According to Pinterest, "North African spices including cumin, coriander, and cardamom are waking up taste buds and pushing everyday dishes beyond the basics." With recipes like this gorgeous almond mhencha making their rounds on Pinterest, it's easy to see why people are exploring them more and more.

Plant-Based Protein

#MeatlessMonday, anyone? With increasing interest in cutting back on meat and growing knowledge of plant-based proteins, recipes for vegetarian "meat" will be big in 2018. Lentils, hemp, quinoa, beans, and edamame are popular ingredients for veggie burgers, and they pack an impressive protein punch.

Snap Pea Snack Attack

People are putting down the chips and turning to snappy veggies instead. Dressed-up edamame and snap peas are trending on Pinterest, and there are plenty of creative recipes like this spinach, pea, and edamame risotto with pink peppercorns.

New Hot Sauces Are on Fire

Step aside, sriracha! Korean condiments like gochujang, a spicy paste made with red chili, rice, fermented soybeans, and salt, are making their way to more cooks' homes in 2018.

Gheeking Out

If you're not yet familiar with ghee, or clarified butter, prepare to see it everywhere next year. While it's not new in the slightest, the lactose-free form of butter has gained popularity thanks to its rich, nutty flavor and its ability to withstand higher-heat cooking, which is best for things like fluffy scrambled eggs.

Classic Desserts Getting the Vegan Treatment

It's no secret that tons of desserts can be made vegan, and Pinterest found that saves were up more than 300 percent. Knowing that they can swap eggs for flax seeds and butter for coconut oil, vegans and nonvegans alike are looking for ways to change up their go-to sweet treats.

Mocktail Magic

Whether you're not a drinker, you're underage, or you're looking for fun drink ideas inclusive for pregnant people, this is a great time for mocktails. Nonalcoholic mixes, sparkling waters, and artisanal ingredients mean nonboozy drinks are easier than ever to make.