Here's Exactly What Poke Cake Is and How to Make It

Along with dump cake, poke cakes have become a Pinterest-wide obsession. Jell-O invented this retro dessert to increase its sales back in 1969, and the love for it continues. The traditional poke cake recipe calls for white cake mix that is baked then cooled completely. Then, a bunch of holes are poked into the top of the cake using a fork. Next, strawberry Jell-O mix is poured all over the top to fill the holes. The cake goes into the fridge to allow the Jell-O to set. Finally, the cake is iced with Cool Whip.

When you cut into the cake, it's an amazing sight. Ribbons of bright color are swirled throughout the white cake. People often call it the best-tasting, moistest, and lightest cake they have ever tried. Ready to give it a go? Remember the original formula:

Cake mix + Jell-O + Cool Whip = poke cake

As of late, poke cake bakers are experimenting with other cake mix and Jell-O flavors as well as other fillings, like condensed milk or caramel, and different icings. Our senior fitness editor Michele Foley swears by this combo: yellow cake, cherry Jell-O, and Cool Whip (forget about attempting to make this dessert healthy or anything other than slightly homemade).

Get the recipe pictured: Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake