Postmates's "Takeoutfit" Has a Fold-Down Pad and Napkin Sleeves For Your Couch-Eating Needs

As if we needed another reason, Postmates is encouraging all-day lounging on April 20, commonly known as a holiday for celebrating cannabis culture. In honor of the day, the popular delivery service is releasing a clever yet slightly ridiculous "takeoutfit," aka an outfit solely meant for consuming takeout.

While it looks to be an unassuming black hoodie at first glance, the outfit actually features several innovations designed for you to never leave your couch. The pocket of the sweater folds down into a heat-resistant thigh pad, offering a stable surface for your takeout order. There are also detachable patches on the sleeves that you can use as napkins, as well as an "emergency sleeve pocket" that holds a utensil for your food. The hoodie also comes with a cute little pouch to store flavor enhancements like hot sauce, weed-related accessories, and more. Now, I'm not a big couch eater β€” I hate making a mess β€” but I certainly am a fan of takeout and lounging on the sofa for hours on end.

Though the "takeoutfit" may seem like a belated April Fools' joke, it's actually available to purchase online and on the Postmates app for $50. Customers can buy the sweatshirts on starting April 20. Or if you're a Postmates user located in New York City, Los Angeles, or East Nashville, you can use the app to order the merch from Prince Street Pizza, Bludso's BBQ, and Nicoletto's, respectively.

Get a closer look at the hilarious "takeoutfit" and all of its thoughtful details ahead.

Postmates's Limited-Edition "Takeoutfit"
Courtesy of Postmates

Postmates's Limited-Edition "Takeoutfit"

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Introducing Takeoutfit | Dropping 4/20