Truth Time: Most Pumpkin-Spiced Foods Are Gross

I'm not going to lie and say that I've never fallen victim to the pumpkin spice craze. I enjoy the lattes, am known to nibble on the granola, and can even do a scoop of Halo Top ice cream on a crisp Fall day. It was all fine until the pumpkin craze messed with my all-time favorite snack: chips and salsa.

Now? Gloves. Are. Off.

I was at the market just minding my own business when I saw it: pumpkin spice-flavored tortilla chips with pumpkin spice-flavored salsa. I'm sorry, WHAT? This is where I have to drawn the line. Chips and salsa are meant to be paired with fresh guacamole and spicy margaritas. They're meant to have spice from onions and jalapeños, not pumpkins!

I mean, does anybody really like pumpkin flavor that much? Enough to have it in cleaning products, cereal, and basically every other single thing ever? When it comes to food and drink, the flavor is overly sweetened and, quite frankly, a little underwhelming. Once you've had one, you've had them all.

I get that it's a seasonal essential, but we have so many other great spices that we're ignoring! Who decided pumpkin was best option? At some point, we must put a halt to all this madness. At least dial it back, just a little bit, before I see something really crazy like pumpkin-scented bed sheets hit shelves (you probably know at least one person who would actually buy them, don't lie).

If you're down with a warm and spicy latte once in a while or enjoy baking pumpkin-flavored bread, I hear you. That's fine. But for the most part, let's all agree that companies can and should stop putting pumpkin flavor into everything. It's time to pack it away with last year's Halloween costumes and never look back. (These gluten-free bagels can stay, though. They actually look delicious.)