Reese's New Snack Cakes Are About to Make Mornings a Lot More Exciting

If you're a fan of having something sweet for breakfast, you'll want to hear this: Reese's is coming out with new chocolate and peanut butter snack cakes to satisfy your sweet cravings in the morning. But let's face it, nothing's stopping us from eating these in the afternoon or evening. Described as a "soft baked chocolate cake topped with Reese's peanut butter creme" by Reese's, the snack cake is also covered in a decadent layer of milk chocolate that sounds like my kind of breakfast treat. While the "mid-morning snack" won't be available at convenience stores nationwide until December, when they do arrive, they'll come in two-cake packs for $2. Ahead, see the new Reese's snack cakes and continue to enjoy your peanut butter cups in the meantime — even in the mornings, if you want to.

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