Spring-Themed Macarons Are All Over Instagram, and They're Basically Edible Art

I've been spotting spring-themed macarons all over Instagram lately, and I can't say I'm mad about it. Not to be confused with macaroons, macarons are small, colorful French treats that can be decorated in many ways and come in several flavors. While it's hard to top the deliciousness and look of even simple macarons that have one color and flavor, these spring-themed ones are especially impressive. Some are shaped like animals, some have intricate floral designs, and some are adorned with Lucky Charms marshmallows (not kidding). Basically, the possibilities for decorating them are endless, and I could look at them for hours. They're basically little edible works of art! Keep scrolling to see 30 adorable spring macarons that you'll want to admire and eat.

Ladybug Macarons

Floral Macarons

Marbled Macarons

Easter Macarons

Neon Macarons

Butterfly Macaron

Carrot-Cake Macarons

Macaron Flowers

Pineapple Macarons

Bumblebee Macarons

Egg-Shaped Macaron With a Bunny

Lucky Charms Macarons

Chick Macarons

Strawberry Macarons

Swirl Macarons

Raspberry and Daisy Macaron

Floral, Birthday, and Monogram Macarons

Palm-Tree Leaf Macarons

Butterfly, Easter Egg, and Flower Macarons

Earth Day Macarons

Easter Egg Macarons

Honeycomb Macarons

Rainbow Macarons

Dipped Macarons

Icing Roses Macaron

Rainbow-Speckled Macarons

Spring Outdoors Macarons