This Secret Mocha Cold Brew From Starbucks Tastes Like a — Drumroll Please — Cadbury Creme Egg!

Springtime is synonymous with beautiful flowers, longer days, and of course, stocking up on on our favorite seasonal candies like jelly beans and Cadbury Creme Eggs. But what if you could enjoy the flavors of your most-loved candy 365 days out of the year? Professional Starbucks barista and secret menu mixologist Holly Walker from has found a way to re-create her favorite chocolate egg-shaped candy in the form of a mocha-hazelnut cold brew topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam. Sounds like a dream, right? Just like all the other secret menu drinks on her TikTok page (@supersecretmenu), this Cadbury cold brew looks so tasty. Here's how to order the chocolatey-caffeine iced drink:

  1. Start by kindly asking for a venti cold brew.
  2. Ask for two pumps mocha, two pumps white mocha, and two pumps hazelnut.
  3. Ask for vanilla sweet cream cold foam blended with two pumps of caramel.
  4. Ask for caramel drizzle on top.
  5. Thank your barista, and leave a tip if you feel inclined!

If you're hesitant about having to relay all this information to your barista, consider ordering your Cadbury cold brew through the Starbucks app. Based off the recipe card, we're guessing this secret menu drink will definitely give you the caffeine boost (alongside a nice sugar rush) you need to get through the work day. Not to mention, it makes for a great IG Story!