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Starbucks's Secret Valentine's Day Heartbreaker Frappuccino

Starbucks's Secret Valentine's Day Menu Includes a Strawberry Heartbreaker Frappuccino

Whether you're treating yourself to something sweet on Valentine's Day or soothing a broken heart, Starbucks's secret menu is truly delivering this year with all of its swoon-worthy pink drinks. In celebration of Feb. 14, shared the recipe for this Heartbreaker Frappuccino that's dripping in strawberry syrup, and we don't even need to try it to know that we're more than a little bit in love with it. To try the drink for yourself, begin by ordering a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino with one pump of white mocha. Be sure to ask for extra strawberry puree and whipped cream at the bottom of the cup. Once the drink is ready, ask for a generous serving of mocha cookie crumbles on top and enjoy!

Something tells us this would also be delicious with a pump of chocolate syrup drizzled over the top. So try the drink (with or without the addition of some extra chocolate) next time you're feeling the love for something sweet. And if you're still in the mood to feel warm and fuzzy inside, check out these date-night-approved Valentine's Day cocktails you can make at home.


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