Meet Starbucks's Latest Secret Menu Drink: The Salted Caramel White Mocha Cold Brew

The secret menu at Starbucks grows by the day, each beverage just as tempting and mouthwatering as the next. The latest addition to the lineup? It's called the Salted Caramel White Mocha Cold Brew, and yep, it looks as sweet as it sounds. The brainchild of the folks at, the drink is basically made for those early fall days when it's still hot AF outside but you're longingly aching for cozy sweater weather. Seeing as it's not on the official menu, though, you can't just ask your barista for a Salted Caramel White Mocha Cold Brew and expect them to know exactly what to make. Instead, here's a step-by-step guide for how to order one the next time you're in need of a caffeine boost:

  • Order a venti cold brew with four pumps of white mocha sauce. (If you want a tall or grande size, we suggest two or three pumps, respectively, but also totally wouldn't judge if you prefer four pumps of sauce in your tall cold brew.)
  • Ask for it to be topped with salted sweet cream cold foam.
  • Request a caramel drizzle in your cup before the liquid is poured in.
  • Thank your barista for whipping up an unofficial drink for you.

This concoction sounds like dessert in a cup, and we're so ready for the sugar rush. Who's with us?