Holy Sh*t, Starbucks Might Be Releasing a Unicorn Frappuccino!

The closest Starbucks has gotten to embracing the unicorn trend is adding the Pink Drink to the permanent menu — that is, until the Unicorn Frappuccino arrived. Yep, you read that right: Starbucks is reportedly testing a Unicorn Frappuccino that will actually be on the menu, and yes, it's just as magical as you've imagined in your wildest dreams!

While we haven't received confirmation from Starbucks that this is 100 percent true, we have reason to believe it's really happening based on a few Reddit and Instagram photos that Starbucks baristas have shared. Baristas have leaked photos of the purple-pink Frappuccino and have even shared details about how it tastes and what's in it. "It's really sweet! My manager made all six of us one today in a short cup," one barista wrote, claiming that it tastes like "tropical Skittles." Another barista claimed the drink may be a Mango Cream Frappuccino blended with pink powder and that the blue swirl is made from Starbucks White Chocolate Sauce. A third barista named Laya shared a photo of the Unicorn Frappuccino sign on Instagram, captioning the photo, "Can somebody please tell me what the f*ck is going on?" Same, Laya.

Apparently, Starbucks locations will be receiving recipe cards for the drink on April 14, and it will launch on April 19. Are you freaking out? Because we're definitely freaking out. As long as we all believe in unicorns, this drink is sure to become a reality, right? Keep reading to see every single sneak peek photo Starbucks baristas have shared of the upcoming drink and its ingredients, which include unicorn dust (!).