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Where to Buy Starbucks Valentine's Day Cups For 2022

Drumroll, Please . . . It Looks Like Starbucks's Valentine's Day Cups Have Arrived

As much as we wish Starbucks would offer New Year's cups (one day, Starbucks, one day), its next batch of merchandise is very clearly intended for one special holiday . . . Valentine's Day. That's right, the holiday of love might not technically arrive for another month, but Starbucks might just be celebrating early with glitter-adorned Starbucks Valentine's Day tumblers, color-changing heart cups, highly coveted jeweled tumblers, and lots of pink and red colors. Judging from photos from customers popping up on social media, there may even be a clear mug with a heart-shaped glitter handle (my personal favorite).

Released on Jan. 4, the Starbucks Valentine's Day cup collection is available at Target and Starbucks stores nationwide. However, if for some reason you're having trouble finding the Valentine's Day tumblers, mugs, and cups, it very well could be due to shipping delays — so remain patient! Ahead, take a sneak peek at the Starbucks Valentine's Day cups, tumblers, and other merch appearing at stores around the US to decide which items have absolutely captured your heart.

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