Taco Bell Knows the Only Way to Improve Its Baja Freeze Is With Rainbow Candy Confetti

Can you believe Taco Bell's Baja Blast has been around for 15 years? To celebrate this very important birthday, Taco Bell has taken the cult-classic drink up a notch by introducing the Baja Blast Birthday Freeze. It's the same icy blue frozen drink you know and love, but with pieces of colorful candy confetti throughout, which gives it a Funfetti-sprinkled look and crunchy pieces to sip through the straw.

In 2004, Taco Bell and Pepsi created the Mountain Dew drink that would come to be known as Baja Blast, or Mountain Dew with a "blast of tropical lime flavor." It was so popular that in 2013, Taco Bell introduced Baja Blast Freeze, and now, to celebrate the 15-year milestone, they're basically throwing sprinkles in it, which is an excellent choice. It's now available nationwide for $2.69, and it's the perfect thing to wash down a Crunchwrap Supreme.