Go Ahead and Dump Taco Bell's New Hot Sauce Tortilla Chips Directly Into My Mouth

Some people consider Taco Bell their "drunk food." I am not one of those people. Taco Bell is my "always" food; if you offer to grab me a Doritos Locos Taco Supreme at any hour of any day, I will say yes 100 percent of the time. So when the junk food Instagrammer I obsessively follow, Candyhunting, posted a photo of Taco Bell's new line of chips, I nearly cried with joy.

They're not just any ol' tortilla chips — they're inspired by Taco Bell's hot sauces, including both Mild and, my favorite, Fire sauce. (There's also a plain chip option for those who prefer to make their own Nachos BellGrande at home.) According to Candyhunting, the chips will hit store shelves in May, just in time for summertime barbecues.

While I'm prepared to funnel these tortilla chips directly into my mouth as soon as humanly possible, I do have one question: what does this mean for my beloved Doritos Locos taco? If Taco Bell is making its own line of chips, will it begin making flavored taco shells with its own brand, or will it continue to partner with Doritos to churn out the Cool Ranch tacos I've learned to crave? I suppose only time — and more Taco Bell drive-through visits — will tell!