I Truly Cannot Handle How Cute Target's $5 Ghost Mugs Are — Look at That Face!

Have you ever seen a photo of something so absurdly cute, you inadvertently let out a high-pitched squeal and feel the need to have it in your possession as soon as humanly possible? This exact sequence of events typically unfolds every time I scroll past dog pictures on Instagram, but it also happened when I laid eyes on Target's must-have Halloween product of the year: the $5 Threshold ghost mug. Slightly redesigned for 2021, it has big Casper the Friendly Ghost energy, and I need several in my cupboard ASAP.

The not-so-spooky drinkware is impossibly adorable for multiple reasons, which yes, I am about to describe in detail. For starters — those hands! The teeny-tiny blobs have zero chance of reaching out and frightening me, a certified scaredy cat, which I immensely appreciate. And that mouth! It's the sweetest lil' lop-sided grin I ever did see. Plus, the mug's overall size is compact, seeing as it only holds 10 ounces of coffee, PSL, witch's brew, or whatever else you prefer to sip during fall.

It looks like I'm not the only who's been charmed by the Halloween-themed drinking vessel or its affordable price tag; Target shoppers far and wide have shared on Instagram how quickly they're flying off the shelves at many stores. Although the item is technically listed on Target's website, you actually can't have it shipped, so your best bet is booking it to the nearest Target to snag one (or several!) for yourself. May the odds be ever in your favor.