People Are Loving This Simple Coffee-Creamer Hack on TikTok, and I Can't Believe I Didn't Know This

If you brew or prepare your coffee at home, you've probably had some choice words with the little but extremely frustrating foil seal located on bottled creamer. While the tightly lipped seal helps keep liquids fresh, I've broken one too many nails trying to pull back the seal and been forced to produce way too much energy too early in the morning for it. Long story short? I'm over it. Thankfully, TikTok user @Carlyrose352 is sharing a much simpler way to navigate the foil tab, and it's pretty genius.

She learned that the quickest and easiest way to pour your creamer isn't actually by removing the seal itself but rather puncturing the seal with the groove inside the lid — we know, revolutionary! All you have to do is flip open the bottle lid (as if you were going to pour the creamer), then using the upper groove outline, press down into the sealed tab until it breaks. Clasp the lid shut, and screw it back on. Now you're ready to add your creamer with half-shut tired eyes.

People have been commenting on the video about how they had no idea this hack existed. "I was today years old when I learned this," one person wrote. I'm not sure how it's taken us coffee-lovers this long to discover the hack, but in the words of Ross Geller from Friends, "They should put that on the box!" The next time you go to open a new bottle of creamer, save yourself the time and sore fingers with this trusty new hack.