Going on a Trader Joe's Run? You Need to Add This Garlic Bread Cheese to Your Cart

Taking inspiration from Finland's famed cheese known as juustoleipä, Trader Joe's newest product just hit shelves, and it might be the creamy creation you've been waiting for. The new Garlic Bread Cheese is made with baked cow's milk cheese that's seasoned with garlic, making for a perfectly cheesy and gooey snack. For just $4 a pop, this cheese is both buttery and slightly sweet, and features a crust that's similar to that of crispy garlic bread. Cheese fans across the country are already thinking of all the ways they can nosh on this new gluten-free game-changer, with one TJ's shopper claiming that the cheese was screaming, "heat me up and serve me with pasta!" Enough said!

The new cheese is best eaten warm so it has a chance to get gooey, and can be thoroughly enjoyed whether it's baked, grilled, cooked in a skillet, tossed in an Air Fryer, or heated up in the microwave. Another customer described the item as "a very squeaky cow's milk cheese that had a texture similar to halloumi," noting that it had a "delicious and bold garlic flavor." Another TJ's-lover suggested trying the cheese with a drizzle of spicy honey on top, and if you ask us, what could be better? The next time you're at Trader Joe's, be sure to snag this hot new item. It's already making us say, "More cheese, please!"