Oat Milk Ice Cream Has Landed at Trader Joe's, and Yep, It's Got Almond Brittle in It

Summer is synonymous with ice cream season, which is exactly why I'm stoked about a new sweet treat at Trader Joe's. The grocery chain recently started stocking its own strawberry-flavored oat milk frozen dessert for the dairy-free fans out there, but it's not your run-of-the-mill plant-based ice cream. Brace yourself: it's also packed with almond brittle and candied strawberries.

Eager shoppers have already snagged pints from stores for themselves, and the taste tests are overwhelmingly positive. "I had to grab myself 2," wrote foodie @traderjoesgorl. "It's soooo good I honestly can't even tell it's dairy free because it's so creamy! Also it's definitely not too sweet, I could inhale this whole pint!" Another reviewer noted it's their "new favorite non dairy frozen dessert" from Trader Joe's. If you're interested in trying the snack for yourself, make sure you snag a pint from your local shop soon — they're going fast!