'90s Candy Enthusiasts, Brace Yourselves For the BEST Upgrade to Sour Patch Kids

POPSUGAR Photography | Erin Cullum
POPSUGAR Photography | Erin Cullum

It's hard to imagine an improvement to Sour Patch Kids, but the new tropical version has managed to prove us wrong. One of our favorite childhood candies has gotten a coconutty upgrade, and we're completely on board. The new Sour Patch Kids Tropical are available nationwide beginning in March for $2 per bag, and each bag includes four exciting flavors: pink (paradise punch), white (pineapple), orange (tropical twist), and purple (passion fruit). After trying the new tropical Kids for ourselves, we're inspired to pack our bags for a tropical vacation and sip on piña coladas while snacking on the fruity candy.

Curious as to how the original Sour Patch Kids taste in comparison to those with a tropical twist? Here's what some of our resident '90s candy enthusiasts had to say.

POPSUGAR Photography | Erin Cullum
  • "So good! May get old, but a nice mix from the regular flavor."
  • "Sour with a tropical coconut kick!"
  • "Fun, diverse flavors. More sour than usual."
  • "I like the switch-up and fruitiness . . . not super sour."
  • "Nothing beats the original, but I love these."

It's up for debate whether the Tropical Sour Patch Kids are more or less sour than the original, but your mouth will pucker up in a sour sensation regardless. We love the pineapple-loaded flavor of the white pieces, the citrus flavor blast of the orange, and the richness of the pink. Get ready to see these on store shelves soon, and be prepared to discover a potential new favorite.