This 2-Ingredient Strawberry Whipped Milk Is Like a Pastel-Pink Cloud You Can Eat

Someone hand me my phone, because my Insta feed is about to be flooded with photos of this pastel-pink whipped strawberry milk. Made with just two ingredients, the milk is the perfect treat for those who've already dipped their resuable straws in whipped coffee, whipped matcha, and whipped chocolate.

To re-create the whipped strawberry milk for yourself, whisk together four tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and two tablespoons of strawberry powder or syrup. If you're looking for an arm workout, you can whisk the mixture by hand, but an electric mixer works just as effectively. Once the mixture is fluffy and thick, fill a glass with ice and your milk of choice before topping with a few generous spoonfuls of the cream. Add a fresh strawberry on top for the 'gram and you're done!

See more examples of this cotton-candy-pink dessert drink for yourself ahead, and try the recipe out next time you're in the mood for something sweet.