I Can't Unsee the Absurd Way This Person Cut an Avocado, and Neither Can Chrissy Teigen

We could all use a distraction right about now, and today, said distraction comes in the form of a rather cursed photo, so please prepare your eyes accordingly. Now fervently circulating across Twitter, the image in question hails from season 13 of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America competition, during which one particular contestant cut an avocado in half straight through the pit, rather than carefully slicing around it as one traditionally does. You can watch the cringe-inducing moment unfold on Food Network's website here, if you dare.

Though the big chop originally aired back in 2018, a Twitter user by the name of Dianna Anderson recently resurfaced it, writing, "I'm watching Worst Cooks In America and one of them cut [an] avocado like this and lord help me." A couple thousand retweets and "likes" later, none other than cooking expert Chrissy Teigen caught wind of it, bluntly sharing her thoughts with a simple, "oh my god."

Look, I know the whole point of the Food Network series is to challenge admittedly awful chefs to learn the ins and outs of cooking, so I definitely don't fault this woman for not knowing how to properly carve out an avo pit. I do, however, have a surplus of thoughts about this particular blasphemous screenshot of the moment, which I simply can't resist sharing below in the form of a detailed bullet list.

  • This picture has the same spine-tingling energy as nails on a chalkboard.
  • Dude, avocado seeds are dense AF — either this person is extremely strong or that knife blade is extremely sharp. Or maybe both?
  • Also, whew, I'm really glad her fingertips survived that slicing mission.
  • Should someone have maybe told her that's an avocado and not a tomato?
  • This photo is going to give me more nightmares than When a Stranger Calls gave me back in sixth grade. (Yes, I'm aware that I'm a wimp.)
  • *Rihanna's critically acclaimed hit "Disturbia" plays softly in the background*
  • I motion to make cutting an avocado like this illegal in all 50 states. All in favor, please say "aye."
  • Anyone else really craving guacamole now?