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Trix Yogurt Is Making a 2021 Comeback — Where to Buy It Now

Trix Yogurt Is Finally Returning to Shelves — Here's Where '90s Kids Can Buy It

Nineties kids, grab your spoons and get ready to ward off any silly rabbits that attempt to invade your refrigerator, because Trix Yogurt is making a comeback! After a five-year hiatus and one impassioned petition, the beloved Yoplait snack is returning to shelves in two flavors: Strawberry and Berry. Though they're rather low-key compared to the flavors offered back in the good ol' days (i.e., Cotton Candy, Strawberry Banana Bash, and Raspberry Rainbow, to name a few), they do each feature that signature swirl of two different colors, so you can mix to your heart's content.

Trix Yogurt was an undeniable staple in millennials' childhood lunchboxes and after-school routines, right alongside Dunkaroos, Gushers, and 3D Doritos. The colorful treat was last available for purchase in 2016 and will be popping back up at Walmart and SuperValu stores starting in early May. I may have just turned 27, but you better believe I'm ditching my usual Greek yogurt for a week and scooping up an eight-pack of this sweet stuff just for the nostalgia of it all. Who's with me?

Image Source: Yoplait
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