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Best Bath Towels

I Finally Found the Perfect Towel — and I'll Never Go Back

Now that my linen closet is stacked to full capacity, it feels safe and only right to share details about the towels I no longer want to live without. Full disclosure: I was first turned onto Hotel Collection's Ultimate MicroCotton Bath Towels ($18) through a PR pitch and had meager expectations, until I actually gave the free towel samples a try. Whoa.

From the first wash cycle to the first time I used them, I immediately noticed how much softer, fluffier, and more absorbent they were than any of the other towels I owned. After six months of heavy use and wash rotation — because who wants to use the crappy towels anymore? — I noticed another thing: they're remarkably resistant to mildewy funk. As someone making due in a tiny bathroom with limited ventilation and towel-hanging real estate, this was a problem for me — even with frequent laundering and vinegar cycles. These, however, are different.

The towels come in 21 shades, ranging from easy neutrals to pretty pastels and a handful of bold jewel tones. I've stocked up on vapor — a warm, pale gray that feels as versatile as white but doesn't show my makeup residue as easily. It's the lighter of the two gray options.

While the original price is $36 for a bath towel, you can score one for $18 on sale, which is what propelled me to finally stock up. Like sheets, buying high-quality towels at a price you can afford is an investment worth making. If you're looking for an affordable upgrade to your daily shower or bath routine, I highly recommend them.

Hotel Collection's Ultimate MicroCotton Bath Towels
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