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Can You Buy Ikea Furniture on Amazon

Ikea Teases Huge News For Online Shoppers (and Amazon Prime Holders)!

Anyone who's shopped at Ikea can attest to the fact that involves some serious labor! First you have to load the heavy packages onto the big cart, then you have unload your boxes into your car, and then carry the heavy boxes into your home, and that doesn't even cover the struggle of putting your items together. But what if we didn't have to endure the hassle that is furniture shopping in the massive chain store, and even better, if we didn't have to drag our significant other down with us?

According to Reuters, Ikea will start selling its products on websites other than its own in 2018. Inter Ikea Group Chief Executive, Torbjörn Lööf, would not say exactly which retailers the brand would be using to expand the digital shopping possibilities, but since they currently only sell through the Ikea website and in stores, it's time to expand. With Amazon coincidentally planning on expanding its furniture shopping options, this could be huge news for Amazon Prime members.

While we're suckers for a midshopping meatball snack, nothing makes us happier than avoiding the heavy lifting and ordering Ikea furniture straight from our couches. Stay tuned for more updates on the third-party delivery news from our favorite Swedish retailer.

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