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Jonathan Scott Decor Tips

4 Easy House Hacks This Property Brother Swears By

Jonathan Scott Decor Tips

"Did you have fun watching me clean?" Jonathan Scott asked. The Property Brothers star was on a break at a press event, looking like a contented off-duty handyman in his short-sleeved plaid shirt.

Of course I'd had fun watching him clean. I'm a Property Brothers expert and bonafide superfan. Watching Jonathan Scott do anything qualifies as fun in my book.

But I didn't tell him that.

"I love it when other people are cleaning," I replied honestly. "Not me."

"You don't like cleaning?" Jonathan, a Mr. Clean spokesman, asked incredulously. He'd just finished a series of demos showing off what the brand's Magic Eraser can do.

"It's not really like my forté," I confided.

Jonathan looked perplexed. I had to change the subject, fast.

"I actually wanted to pick your brain about quick projects that homeowners can do so that guests will be impressed when they come over," I said.

Jonathan perked up. This was his forté.

"Okay," he began, taking a deep breath. He proceeded to give four awesome suggestions anyone can do to create the warm and welcoming home of their dreams.

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