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Shower Plants Trend

13 Bathrooms That'll Convince You to Hop on the Shower Plants Trend

Perching your houseplants on windowsills and coffee tables is so last year, guys. Shower plants are all the rage as the latest way to bring the outdoors into your home, and we're so into it.

We've been longtime advocates for stocking up on houseplants, as some variations are known to improve indoor air quality. So it comes as no shock that nature-loving homeowners are starting to adorn their bathrooms with them, seeing as showers and tubs tend to collect germs and bacteria. The best part about placing your greenery in the shower? It's super low-maintenance since the plants practically water themselves each time you rub-a-dub-dub.

The shower plant trend has been taking over Pinterest so far this year, flooding the inspiration boards of decor-lovers everywhere. If you're not convinced that you need one in your bathroom ASAP, read on to see some pin-worthy examples, and you'll quickly hop on the bandwagon.

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