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Star Wars Death Star Teapot and Mug Set

This Death Star Teapot Will Help Destroy Your Caffeine Cravings — Lasers Not Included

The Force has officially infiltrated everything from our fitness routines to our beauty regimens, and now it has found its way into our kitchens in the form of the coolest damn teapot ever. Whether you're on the dark side or the light, you'll totally obsess over this Death Star teapot that looks just like the laser-shooting space station from the Star Wars movies — except it's about a thousand times smaller and only has the power to obliterate your caffeine cravings, not destroy an entire planet.

This intergalactic kitchen accessory is actually a nifty two-in-one set. The 12-ounce ceramic teapot can be removed and poured into the six-ounce mug base underneath. Such a genius space-saving idea! Ready to infuse your Earl Grey with the Force? Shop for the teapot version of the Empire's Ultimate Weapon below (fatal lasers sold separately).

Star Wars Death Star Teapot and Mug ($25)

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