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Where Is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis Gives a Candid Update on Where She's Been

Rehab Addict fans have had to go without their favorite show for some time now, leaving many to wonder, "Where is Nicole Curtis?" The scrappy HGTV star may have fallen off the reality TV radar since season seven ended, but that doesn't mean she's been any less busy. Country Living recently caught up with the real estate pro to find out where she's been. We fill you in on all the details below.

Managing life as a working single mom

Nicole was shocked and delighted to discover she was pregnant again in late 2014. She went on to have her adorable son Harper in May 2015. "I went from giving birth to filming and building, then we did the Ransom Gillis special in Detroit," said Nicole, who then took a much-needed break from work and spent time bonding with baby Harper. Since becoming a mom for the second time (she also has nearly 20-year-old son Ethan), Nicole has become passionate about parenting issues, including doula-assisted childbirth and breastfeeding.

Processing her beloved grandmother's passing and caring for her 91-year-old "gramps"

Nicole grew up next door to her grandparents and has long admired their romantic relationship and 70-year marriage (wow!). She considered her grandmother her best friend, so when she fell ill, Nicole dropped everything and rushed to her side. Nicole was absolutely devastated by her death. She's now caring for her widowed grandfather, whom Country Living describes as Nicole's "steadfast companion."

Fighting legal battles in court

In Summer 2016, Nicole's mother, Joan, claimed Nicole was harassing her with threatening calls and texts. Joan requested a personal protection order against Nicole. A judge denied the request, but the damage to the relationship was already done. "Our situation is absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking. I can't say anymore to that," Nicole told Country Living.

Nicole has also been locked in a custody battle with Harper's father, Shane Maguire. He sued for joint custody of the toddler, and the two have been in court at least five times over different disputes. Nicole's request to have the records from the paternity case sealed was denied as was her request to block Shane from having overnight custody until he turned 2. "I never knew a nursing baby could be separated from their mother," she told Country Living, adding, "If someone took puppies from their mom at two weeks, people would be in an uproar."

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