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Aesthetic Bathroom and Kitchen Hand Soaps | 2022

Upgrade Your Bathroom's or Kitchen's Aesthetic With These 16 Hand Soaps

Meraki Hand Soap in Northern Dawn
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I'll be damned if someone judges me for my overpriced bathroom hand soap; it brings me joy, OK? (That is, until I max out my credit card on it.) The rise of fancy hand soaps is here, and while it may be a byproduct of a global need for increased handwashing, let's face it: bougie hand soap tends to leave skin feeling smooth, buttery-soft, and fragrant in the best way. You get what you pay for with the fancy-schmancy stuff, and the sleek aesthetic of most of these hand-soap bottles is something almost anyone can hop on board with — mostly because you can always refill the fancy bottle with cheaper soap if you're not interested in buying another. While it seems Aesop is one of the most-praised luxury hand soaps of the moment, other high-end soaps, such as Le Labo, aren't quite as mainstream and still very aesthetic. The bottom line? You have options. Ahead, find all the aesthetic hand soaps that scream luxury with or without the hefty price tag attached.

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