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Bedroom Check Videos on TikTok

I Can't Stop Watching #BedroomCheck Videos on TikTok, and Now I Want to Redecorate

Bedroom Check Videos on TikTok
Image Source: Tiktok

I'm down for most TikTok trends. Throw me a dance challenge or teach me a craft and I'll try my best to master it. But the latest trend making the rounds is one I have a small problem with, because it makes me want to move to a ton of different places and drop loads of money redecorating. People are showing off their bedroom decor under the hashtag #BedroomCheck, and I've decided I need to hire all these participants to redo my apartment. These stylish people have everything from beautiful accent chairs to smart storage, and it's all styled ever so perfectly. Also, a lot of them have houseplants that add so much life to the rooms, so I'm going to go shop for a plant of my own while you check out all these beautiful bedrooms. For major decor envy and inspiration, keep reading.

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